Getting a Chemist Pharmacy Management Systems in South Sudan or chemist software?

Are you setting up a new chemist/pharmacy, or are looking to revamp your existing one, investing in a pharmacy management system software is the way to go. Chemist/pharmacy systems software are now an essential component of any pharmacy that wants to remain competitive, and deliver better care to their customers through an efficient, automated process. Pharmacy management systems software help pharmacies customize and streamline their workflow with a range of features and functions that improve efficiency, safety and profitability. Here are some of the many common features included in pharmacy management systems software.

Pharmacy Management Systems /chemist software

Advanced Reporting: This enables your pharmacy staff to create reports faster, with an extensive easy to use library of built-in reports, as well as custom reports based on specific information that you want to track and include.

Barcode Verification: Barcode scanning and verification is an important component of management systems, and helps with various aspects throughout the system including retrieval of refill information, verification of the dispensed product, and Point of Sale (POS) scanning for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Electronic Signature Capture: This is a useful feature which allows you to track acknowledgment for each prescription electronically. Signature capture interfaces enable pharmacy staff to save time at POS, where the prescription sale and credit/debit card can be signed in one transaction.

Electronic Prescriptions: This enables your pharmacy to receive new and refill prescriptions directly into your pharmacy management system from doctors (Hospital Management system) for review, and help complete the dispensing process faster.

Inventory Management: This is one of the most useful features incorporated in pharmacy management systems, and helps improve efficiency and reduce pharmacy inventory costs through perpetual usage-based purchase decisions. By tracking inventory through an automated system, your pharmacy employees are free from hours of labor-intensive inventory activities, and can use their time more efficiently. In addition, this feature helps to improve security by controlling access to medications in the pharmacy and promoting medication dispensing accuracy.

Pill Imaging: Pill imaging software is useful as it helps prevent incorrect dispensing of medications. During quality assurance checking, pills are displayed and compared with bottle contents to ensure that the correct drugs are available. This adds a valuable control point to ensure the quality and accuracy of dispensing prescriptions.

Pharmacy Management Software offers a wide range of functions to boost your pharmacy efficiency, safety and performance. This user friendly, intuitively designed management software is easy to learn and navigate, and incorporates the features above, as well as dispensing verification, reimbursement monitoring, advanced query tools, accounts receivable intelligence and much more.