Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software is a hotel system software solution in South Sudan for the hospitality industry, with hotel system modules for hotel management; hotel room booking, hotel reservation, online booking. Mostly referred as Property Management System in the hospitality industry. Most clients are in need of free online hotel room booking software or hotel reservation software that integrates with point of sale software. Also, this Hotel software in South Sudan can be offered as an open-source for trial and testing in hotels in South Sudan. This hotel Software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties like 5-star hotels, small hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B’s, night clubs, guest house, theme parks, cruise, small and large hotel franchisees, clubs, condo’s hostel, inns, lodges, and apartments. A few of the important hotel management system in South Sudan modules that come built-in the Hotel software or PMS (Hotel Management Software), Front Office, Reservation, accounting, Food Control, Inventory(Stock), Spa, Travel Desk, room services, POS and Related. The major modules of the latest PMS of Easy Check-in / Check-out, Guest Reservation, Group Management, House Keeping, Restaurant and Bar, Banquet, Night Audit, Travel Agent, Cyber Cafe, Mini Bar, Spa, Pool, Mariage Garden, And Related Other Outlate, Guest History and lot Of Feature We Have in our free hotel management software.

In special event organization management this free hotel management software in South Sudan takes date of event organization, requirements, special requirements, number of waiters required and cost, tax managements. Event organization is completely managed in Hotel Management software. This opensource hotel software in South Sudan is fully tested and running in various hotels. Or you can download for free our hotel management system in South Sudan and test it.

Other Facility

We have also a real-time online hotel reservation engine to your website and enable your website visitors to book your hotel rooms without leaving your website with a payment gateway.

We have also a channel for hotel management software you manage your all channel manage like (make my trip, yatra, clear trip, agoda, booking and etc.) you manage all channel manager easily and also auto come reservation in PMS also.

Hotel management software in South Sudan is used by different properties in a different manner. Thus it can be classified as hotel reservation, management, booking, accounting, PMS software, and resort, motel, lodging, maintenance management software. The advantage is the hotel system has so many modules eg restaurant software , accounting software, housekeeping etc. If you are looking for a hotel software, kindly we will give you an opportunity to test our hotel system for free or the restraunt software for free. Also, within the South Sudann market our hotel system is the coommonly used and also the cheapest although it has the most features and easy to use.

hotel booking software
hotel booking software

You can download the hotel system / hotel management software for free here


    Front office
    House Keeping
    Laundry Management
    Accounts and finance
    Customer Relationship Management
    Inventory Management
    Point of Sale
    Invoicing Maintainance
    Management and administration
    Banquet & Conferencing
    Database Backup/Restore
    Sales and Marketing
    Property Management
    Food and Beverage


    Hotel Management system has an ability to automatically assign rooms with user defined rules.
    Our Hotel Management Software can generate completely customized receipts, emails, invoices and other user desired documents.
    We have an integrated Point of sale (POS) System or restaurant software for bars and restaurants integrated with our hotel management software suite.
    Our Hotel Management Software deals globally therefore our software supports multiple languages like English, french.
    Hotel Management System can be expanded by different modules according to your needs.
    With Our software suite you can achieve exact review of results.
    Group & Party Booking

Hotel Management Software

The hotel software is bundled with full restaurant POS software for easy managing of the restaurant part and for accounting purposes.

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What is Hotel Software – Hotel Management software is software that automates the accounting and management of hotels for effective running operations.Easy to use Hotel system or an easy software for management of hotels and resorts. Comparing with other hotel reservation software system, we are the best providers of hotel system software in South Sudan.
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