Affiliate marketing is generating an income or commission through the promotion and recommendation of products, services, and tools that others are selling. It can be an amazing addition to your passive income portfolio and a wonderful way to round out your offerings, provide additional value to your audience, and, of course, get paid in return.

An example is where you earn 20% just by directing a client who wants to buy or sell Bit coins here. Kindly create an account here and start earning

For example, in South Sudan affiliate marketing for Barcodes South Sudan you can earn from 5-20% when you refer the client to buy barcodes from them. After registering, generate a link which you can share to clients who want to buy barcodes.

Over the years, affiliate marketing has helped people around the world generate more than a million dollars online.

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept to understand and it’s cool because you can get started right away. But, it’s not easy to master and it takes time for it to become a consistent and reliable income stream for your business.

When I started out online in 2008, affiliate marketing methods were more along the lines of finding products with great commissions, usually through an affiliate network with a number of different products to choose from. The next step was to buy advertisements through ad services like Google Adwords to drive traffic through those affiliate links.

When people make a purchase after clicking on that advertisement, you could earn a commission, and I know a number of people who have made millions using this method.

I’ve tried it myself, but I quickly lost SSP 50,000 because of poor product selection and advertising.

This kind of marketing is called “push marketing,” where you are pushing out a message or offer to a target audience in hopes of capturing their attention and finishing with some sort of transaction.

My affiliate marketing methods involve more of a “pull marketing” strategy, where instead of aggressively reaching out to new people to drive sales, I’m instead including recommendations and affiliate links within existing conversations and the content that I already publish within my brand.

If you want to build a long-term affiliate marketing strategy in your business, you must think about “pull” strategies. I love these because they are less aggressive, part of a natural conversation you’re already having with your audience, and are largely based on the relationship and trust you’ve built with your audience.

Plus, when you recommend something great, it can actually strengthen the relationship you already have with your audience, because you’ve vetted and found something useful for them.

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